Please post all your tutorial requests here. If you wish to write one of the requested tutorials, please post a reply to the request so people know it's being handled.

--Gorgan almighty 10:34, 15 Nov 2005 (UTC)

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just a over-the-top request Edit

congratulations for this brand new branch in Blender world...

It would be nice to have a nice world walk-through template, where you could climb ladders, switch things, open and close doors, turn on and off lights... no textures(that can be in other tuts)... I know, it´s not that easy, but it could be a great kick start to create something more interactive and more "hands-on" training and practical , but it could be great... maybe The making of a haunted house? where ghosts appear and got it... that would be a great newshead for blendernation, don´t you think?

thanks, and forgive that outrageous proposal :D


Hi there, first of all - thanks for the work, its really helping.

I have one question and would be pleased if i could get an answer:

I want to do a puzzle game and want to have a cube thats moves on a chess board. I know how to use free movements with logic bricks. But i want the cube to move from square to square exactly... I tried with ipo, and the first square always is ok. When i press right arrow for example the SECOND time, the cube goes back to start and repeats the movement. I want it to repeat the movement, but from where he is after the first step, so to move one square further.

I hope i did not oversee anything obvious...?

Thanks in advance


Making paritcle text Edit

It would be a great sight to see if you could make a tourial on how to make a animated text...particles that come out from everywhere and form words and stays there for a while.I know this is tough but it would be a great help.Thanks..OH and if someone already summited this or you already made a tut just ignore this

How or can blender be on other platforms other then pc's? Edit

I was just wandering if blender can or will ever be able to make games for other platforms like Xbox 360 and such...-- 23:06, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

                                                                                                         Twaiin B.

Low Poly modelling...

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