FSM - Finite State Machine with logic bricks[edit | edit source]

This tutorial will show you a way to handle complex logic, synchronize animations and deal with interations between objects. The result result of this tutorial will be a character that can stand, walk and pickup a ball.

General[edit | edit source]

Requirement: This tutorial requires a complete rigged character. A sample can be loaded in Phase 0 - preparation.

User level: Advanced

Blender version: 2.44

Results: A character that can stay, walk, pick up a ball, drop a ball, stay with a ball, walk with a ball. The actions to be performed can be interactively choosen by the user via key press.

GUS ball walking.jpg

This tutorial is divided in several phases. Each phase is enhancing the previous one a little bit. I hope it makes it easier to follow.

planning and introducing GUS

start simple - let GUS stay around

switch states - let GUS walk

interaction with animtions - let GUS pickup a ball

interaction between objects - let GUS grap and lift the ball

make it round - let GUS drop the ball and standing around

final closeup - let GUS walk with the ball

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