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GameBlender Knowledge Base[]

This is designed to be a database of all knowledge relating to the game engine. It will cover everything from FAQ's to very obscure questions. Feel free to post a question in the appropriate category, and answer any questions you feel you can. If you come accross an answer that is wrong, please change it.


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  • GameLogic

Documentation regarding GameLogic

  • GameKeys

Documentation regarding GameKeys

  • Scenes

Documentation regarding Scenes

  • GameObjects

Documentation regarding GameObjects

Documentation regarding sensors

  • Controllers

Documentation regarding Controllers

  • Actuators

Documentation regarding Actuators

Categorized resources


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Anything that helps complete newbies get going

Advanced techniques for intermediate and advanced BGE Users

How to make models for your games that are suitable for the game engine

How to get those textures to look just right in the game engine

How to do everything from lens flares to static shadows to volumetric fog to sky boxes to....

How to get your ideas into the logic bricks

How to do complex stuff with scripts in the game engine

More tutorial categories to come. Feel free to add more yourself!


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Scripts to create a custom mouse cursor, move objects in the game with the mouse, make the camera look around with the mouse, etc...

Scripts to create animated textures, texture scrolling / rotation, etc....

Non-game scripts that are useful for creating a game enviroment, such as heightmap painting, UV calculation, mesh decimation, etc....

More script categories to come. Feel free to add more yourself!

Game Projects

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Add a "thing" to show your skills. Everybody can contribute. Look what others have done.


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