GameBlender 4 Ever

This listing contains scripts that aren't technically Game Engine scripts, but are very useful for game development. They will include scripts for heightmap painting, UV coordinate calculation, mesh decimation, etc. Basically, put any script in here that helps you to make games.

You can also view a list of all the scripts alphabetically by title & by author.

Don't see the script you want? Why not request a script?

Example Tutorial Listing[]

The format is as follows:

{{Script List|<Link Text>|<Page Name>|<Short Description>}}

You don't have to create the tutorial page first. Just create the link, save, then click the link to start editing the page.

Example Script

This is an example of how to add a script to the list. Simply edit this section, cut'n'paste the code for this example to the bottom of the list & edit it. When done, click on the link you created to start editing your page. Click on the link in this example to see an example script page that you can cut'n'paste.

Non-Game Scripts[]