Nothing shows up Edit

Followed this to a T but nothing shows up...reset scale and rotation.

Another newb - I also followed this, but got nothing to show up initially. Try selecting Particle_basic and pressing CTRL-A (apply size and rotation). Then press Alt-R (clear rotation). Then it might show up.

Also, try looking at the scene from different viewpoints. Start in top view by pressing Num-7. Then rotate through the scene by pressing Num-6, Num-4, Num-8, and Num-2. Press P to load the game and see if you can see the particle from any of the perspectives. I noticed that I can't see the particle looking from below.

NEW blender Edit

hi i've recently got the latest version of blender and i cant seem to get theparticals to work on the new version... It took me a while to find the menu for starts because there is no uv face mode anymore. do you know of a tutorial on GE particals that works with that latests version? 2.46

good tutorial more tutorial....thks

If you do not see something, double check that the image is visible on the face when the face is pointing down the -X axis (per the instructions "The particles face must face the opposite direction (-X)."). You can make the axis visible on the object by clicking "Axis" on the "Draw" panel in the Object (F7) window.

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