you did somthing vairy rong here! Edit

well at least in my own opion. i was really enjoying this tutorial up until you got to adjusting IPOs, I've never worked with them before and id really like it if you could be a bit more specific as to hot to move them and add stuff, i have a bunch of lines going from left to right. please, at least give me a link to a good place to study up on this. I'm going to leave blender running for now, so please get back to me ASAP. thanks

a guide to IPO curvesEdit

That is the reason why this manual is not a beginners manual. The purpose is not to teach the basics of IPO curves but to show what you can do with them. I recommend to go through this tutorial first:Ipo Curves and Keyframes There are also some nice forums around where any question regarding blender can be posted.



Please add a bit on how to work with the IPO curves Edit

I followed along nicely until Then. I have no idea what you are talking about when you mention the ipo curve bit. I added all the curves, but have no idea how to create the numbers you suggest. Thanks.

IPO Curves Edit

I did the IPO curves exactly how you said, except that the CloR ColG and ColB are in a seperate section than the scale curves. When i start the game engine, the scale works fine but i do not get any change in color. Help?

@IPO Curves , you can see the Color Changes when you set your Game-Engine to GLSL-Materials otherwise you will see a white only Flame

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